Blow You Away: Jessica. And, of course, most Air Gormiti. Body Horror: Lavion’s claw looks like a octopus hooked on his arm. Brushing off all her mother’s worries about the weird changes in Joan Luss (whom Neeva has known for years) on the basis that her own medical knowledge allows her judge the health of someone she never met, and do that more reliably than Neeva? Pretty bad, and not made better by her disdain towards whatever Neeva tells her. Joan Luss and Gabriel Bolivar both of whom are rude, ungrateful, and are trying to sue the CDC team for doing its job are asking for what eventually happens to them. Dutch’s hacker friend from way back, who views the whole “sort of apocalyptic” vampire infection as a good thing since it supposedly levels social disparities (which it doesn’t, for most of the time, the super rich still have their restaurants and helicopters), insists on looting a non cleared apartment block for food, then gets so panicky that he abandons Dutch in the building to fight off several strigoi on her own but not so panicky that didn’t grab the loot on his way out.

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