The Backwards Kim’s tank has Cyrillic writing on the side; it translates as “Hit or miss”. Big Bad: Kim Jong un Big Damn Heroes: An un named North Korean soldier guns down a group of troops that had Skylark, Rapoport, and Sook cornered, and helps them make their escape. InvokedBig Name Fan: The whole plot is started by the interviewers learning that the dictator of North Korea is a fan of their show. Going to be a global head snap, with people asking, are they coming to Edmonton? joked Pilarski. We reached a critical mass here. There a kind of stickiness. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Theo’s prank in Episode 5 not only gets Lina sick (though that does prove useful) but it gets the group under surveillance by Alex Grand, which leads to him discovering the Sugar Kingdom. Sid’s refusal to destroy the Candyman’s hypnosis ray (as he wanted to use it to hypnotize people into eating healthy food) leads to Alex capturing him and the ray and the other heroes getting trapped. Plus his fruit potion puts Alex in a position of the ray being useful to him.

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