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Police Are Useless: Local Libyan police constantly avoid the

When Batman asks Joker why he did it, Joker says, “Because it was Tuesday!” Cassandra Truth: In Gotham Adventures 35, Bruce Wayne is by chance summoned for jury duty, for a trial against a minor criminal he helped to catch as Batman. When the judge asks him whether there’s any … Chi tiết

The Unsolved Mystery: Who is/are the Guardian of Wandlebury?

Blow You Away: Jessica. And, of course, most Air Gormiti. Body Horror: Lavion’s claw looks like a octopus hooked on his arm. Brushing off all her mother’s worries about the weird changes in Joan Luss (whom Neeva has known for years) on the basis that her own medical knowledge allows … Chi tiết

Hell: In a departure from the short story

Joe wakes up in a hospital several years after the start of the Pocalypse, with no memory of what he’s been doing in all that time. When he meets up with other survivors, they notice that something is different about him. Joe has been endowed with super strength, speed, and … Chi tiết

Be sure and color the card to match your gun

The Backwards Kim’s tank has Cyrillic writing on the side; it translates as “Hit or miss”. Big Bad: Kim Jong un Big Damn Heroes: An un named North Korean soldier guns down a group of troops that had Skylark, Rapoport, and Sook cornered, and helps them make their escape. InvokedBig … Chi tiết

30 Days of Night Alien Back to the Future The Big Chill The

Subverted in “Manos” The Hands of Fate. Two teenagers continually making out in a car get continually harassed by a couple of police officers who apparently have nothing better to do. Then one of the cops hears a gunshot off in the distance, coming from the house where the protagonists … Chi tiết

While outwardly the clan still seemed to still have a position

This is a tough situation. I would email the Recruiter to make sure it is documented. You want to make it clear that you planning on taking the job, but you feel you like to discuss the compensation. Just avoid the hospitals in New England, as always. Magical Negro: Mother … Chi tiết

No Celebrities Were Harmed: Zug’s voice and appearance is very

Numerous young children die gruesomely in the series, including Paul’s little sister Olivia and little Joel, owner of the cute dog Godzilla. Jerkass: David King and Einstein are probably the biggest, though Einstein is at least on the side of the heroes. There’s also Harry from The Hunted, though he … Chi tiết

Creating a wiki to detail everything about tropes in media?

There’s a comic where Wolverine and Captain America meet in a little diner to exchange information, and Wolverine mentions that the place has great pie. The waitress shows up, and since Cap isn’t bothering with the secret identity stuff his hood/mask is down, but he’s got his scalemail under an … Chi tiết

Panty Thief: Udda’s first assault on the 101st is

Car Fu: It’s an option with every vehicle, but a few have it as part of their Special Weapons arsenal. Darkside, Hammerhead and Mr. Slam are the most notable examples, and in Black, Axel and Yellowjacket have secondary Car Fu modes as hidden moves. Or maimed. Or killed. Or eaten … Chi tiết

Prophecy Armor: Harriet the Invincible is about a fairytale

Frostbite: This is because the cold is contained within you, and ever since you acquired your ghost abilities, you have only been letting it out in small amounts. You’ve got the power inside you. Trailers Always Spoil: Gatsby’s in bed with Daisy in the very first trailer; if you read … Chi tiết

For most of the series, he shows no interest in ever being a

No matter how horribly he’s injured he will heal eventually suffering all the while. The same god also made him incapable of “taking a woman in gentleness”. That’s a mix of divine contract and being cursed by a mage. A Long Running Book Series of mysteries for kids and teens, … Chi tiết

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